Cooking Papa

My sister recently got married and wanted her rehearsal dinner at Cooking Papas in Foster City, California.  It’s a chain with several restaurants in around the peninsula and South Bay Area ( and known for their Cantonese Chinese style meals.  We went to try the menu first and then again for the main event.

On the trial run, our standard appetizer plate looked like this:

img_7205  Roast chicken, jellyfish, pickled veggies, char siu (bbq pork), and roast pig.  Tasty and then got a lot prettier for the main event:


The soup we tried was a sour egg drop soup:

img_7206  I actually really liked this but must sister wanted to accommodate more palates and went with a more plain egg drop soup with tofu and asparagus instead:


My parents wanted to try out the fried pepper dish as a lobster on the trial run:

img_7209  Flavors were great but SO HARD to eat!

So, at the rehearsal dinner, we got the same dish but with pork chops instead:


Next came the veggies.  Trial run was broccoli with mushroom and sea cucumbers:

img_7208 I love sea cucumbers – probably my favorite chinese delicacy and these were so tender and flavorful.  But for a big party, where people may not be that privy to such adventurous items, my sister opted to get the dish as bok choy, fried tofu and mushrooms.

image  It is amazing to me how you can use the same sauce, change up the produce inside, and still be delicious!

At the tasting dinner, we got my cousin’s favorite mayonnaise shrimp with walnuts:


And bean sprouts for my sister

img_7215  Both were done well, but didn’t make the cut for the final dinner. 😦  What did make the cut was the Peking Duck:


And pork lettuce wraps:

img_7214-1  Who doesn’t love these classics?




At the tasting dinner, we got their roast chicken:

img_7216  A little redundant from the appetizer dish and the Peking Duck, so my sister opted for this stir fry of fish, abalone and snap peas for the rehearsal:

image  I really liked this – the flavors were great and the abalone was so tender!

All good course meals end with a rice or noodle dish.  At the tasting dinner, we had a curry rice:

img_7217  This was INTENSE.  It was a thick layer of gooey curry sauce baked on top of fried rice.  It was too much.  So my sister went with salted fish and chicken fried rice:

image  An oldie but a goodie and our family’s favorite.  More dry than I have had at other places but the salty flavor of the fish was just right.

Dessert featured was the chinese doughnut drenched in powdered sugar:

img_7218-1  Yummy.

But come time, sitting with my parents, aunts, and uncles, our table got some mango sago (mango soup with tapioca) too!


Congrats to my sister and new bro in law!  and thanks, Cooking Papa for a great meal!

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