max’s opera for breakfast

I was a bridesmaid this past weekend and the reception was at a hotel near San Francisco International Airport.  I loved how the bling of my Kate Spade jeweled heels and Disney for Pandora bracelet matched my bouquet:

image  (ring is by Tiffany and Co).

After a late night of dancing, we headed out to Max’s Restaurant and Bar for a good hangover breakfast!  We got their Egg’s Blackstone:

image  Poached eggs with bacon and grilled tomato over a brioche bread with fruit on the side.  The grilled tomato was grilled enough for me and I would have preferred an english muffin to the brioche to soak up the juices.

We also got their Max’s Diner Hash:

image  Corned beef, potatoes and onions with eggs over easy on top.  Much better than the hash we had at Aunt Mary’s cafe last week (see related post).  This was quite hearty and definitely not diet food.

Located off highway 101 in Burlingame, it is a short ride from the airport and a great place to settle your stomach after a fun party the night before!

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