Pike’s Peak

A little outside of town from Colorado Springs, Colorado is Pike’s Peak Mountain.  The side of this mountain has the world’s highest cog railway, ascending up over 14,000 feet above sea level.

Get in line early or get your tickets online because it’s a popular attraction in the area:

colorado2011 407

It was a gorgeous ride up the mountain!  The waterfalls and redwood trees of the Sierra mountain range were incredibly beautiful up close!

colorado2011 419colorado2011 425colorado2011 428colorado2011 449

At the top, don’t forget to take a moment to catch your breath as the oxygen content is low up here:

colorado2011 480  and the views will take your breath away too!

In fact, this is what inspired the song, “America the Beautiful”:

colorado2011 473colorado2011 481colorado2011 472colorado2011 483

These pictures don’t really do it justice.  You really have to go to see it in person!  From the top, we saw many hikers coming up and down the range.  I want to do that next time – I could get so many more photos and views of this incredible region!

Coming down the mountain on the cog, you ride on same rails but you can see more of the mountain structure:

colorado2011 548colorado2011 563

At the base of the mountain is Manitou Springs, where you can grab some souvenirs and a bite to eat at the end of the ride!

colorado2011 604  It’s also cute place for some R and R too!


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