snorkeling the blue hole in belize

Going to see the Great Blue Hole in Belize has been on my bucket list for a long time.  I don’t scuba dive and hadn’t thought about going until someone told me that I could snorkel the hole instead!  Diving would allow you to see the great stone formations at the ocean floor, but I just wanted to see corals and fish!

Sailing in, you can see the deep hole reflecting a dark blue at the surface of the ocean:


Coming in to the boundaries of the hole, you can see all the corals around the edge:


Jumping in, you are immediately surrounded by corals and they are beautiful!


Very similar fish and corals to what I saw on my other snorkels at Ambergris Caye (…he-coral-gardens/)

As you snorkel close to the edge of the hole, it was really cool to see how the depth of the ocean turns the water a deeper blue:


Swimming this close to the edge was very cool, but the currants made me feel like I was going to get sucked in!


Diving down, you can find other critters hiding below,

image  But it was a pretty gloomy day and so everyone was hiding out.  😦

But what a great experience and a check off the bucket list!


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