Dinner set B at Jong Ga House

Tonite I grabbed dinner with my dad at Jong Ga House in Oakland, California.  Overwhelmed with the menu, we decided to get one of their dinner sets so we could get some of everything!  They have a dinner set A and a dinner set B to choose from.  We chose B because the pa jun (korean pancake) included was a seafood one.  🙂

The meal started off with a cold spicy soup with buckwheat noodles and cabbage:

image  This is a starter given to everyone here and I love it!  Really wakes the palate and gets you ready for some Korean spice!

Then, the requisite banchan:

image  They really have one of the most generous selections around!

Next, my favorite – the Hae Mul Pa Jun or seafood pancake:

image  I love how they are so generous with the seafood in the batter!  The dipping sauce is a great combination of sesame and soy and really makes this dish.

Next, a soondubu of tofu, beef, and seafood:

image  The broth is really flavorful and intense.  It’s a bit on the heavy side, so no need to add rice. 🙂

The gal bi – who doesn’t love gal bi!

image  I love these bbq short ribs – so flavorful and tender.  This is why dinner set B is such a great deal.  One order of gal bi is about $29, when this whole dinner set is $29.99 per person!

Next, sauteed calamari cooked in house sauce:

image  This is pretty spicy but the calamari was so tender!

Last, a panfried and grilled sole:

image  Such good flavor from the fry and grill but the fish is still fall off the bone tender.

Yes, my friends, this was a “meal for 2”.  And while my dad and I are great eaters, we took more than half of this home.  What a deal!!


For more on Jong Ga House, check out previous post:  https://justcallmequeen.wordpress.com/2015/09/10/jong-ga-house/

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