good eats at sushi house

My family was in town last week and we headed out to Sushi House for dinner in Alameda.  We got some rolls to share between the 6 of us:

Starting out with the Orange Blossom:

img_8230-1  Salmon wrapped around soybean wrappers, california roll (tuna, crabmeat, avocado) with tobiko, mango sauce and unagi sauce.  I love this one – it’s got sweetness from the sauces and saltiness from the tobiko; combined with fresh fish, it is fantastic!

Golden Gate roll:

img_8231-1  Named for the bridge across the bay from Alameda, the tobiko on top are orange and black – the color of the San Francisco Giants!  It’s got avocado, crabmeat, cucumber, asparagus, mango, and deep fried squid with mango sauce on top.  I like mango and so I am a fan of this one but sometimes the squid is cooked too tough.

Then a plate of Crazy Horse (on top with tuna, hamachi, salmon, avocado & some greens), the A’s roll on the side (named for the Oakland A’s with soft shell crab, avocado , cucumber, and crab meat with unagi on top), and Ichiban roll (yellow tail, avocado, unagi).

image  All with good portions of raw fish and interesting flavor combinations,

And then the Oyster Euphoria (fried oysters, cucumber, and Hamachi rolled in soybean wrapper, topped with dried seaweed, kiwi sauce, spicy sauce) and Cherry Blossom (salmon and avocado in the middle with tuna wrapped around it):

image  I prefer the cherry blossom to the orange blossom – it’s simpler and fresher.  The oyster euphoria has the same issue as the golden gate for me – sometimes the oysters are cooked too tough and the amount of spice varies each time I order it.  When everything is done right, however, the oyster euphoria is one of my favorites.

My mom is not a fan of raw fish and prefers the beef teriyaki bento box:

image  This is a great deal – you get the beef teriyaki with rice (not in photo), a good portion of tempura (shrimp, veggies, fried potato cakes, melon and your choice of either sashimi or sushi.  My mom always gets the sashimi, so we have some extra raw fish to eat. 🙂

Reasonable prices but can be very busy during dinnertime, it’s worth a trek to the end of the island of Alameda.

For more on my meals here, check out:

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