Papito in Hayes Valley

Lunch today was at Papito in Hayes Valley of San Francisco.

image  Love the art and lighting in this open space!

I started out with a blood orange margarita:

image  Refreshing and strong, with peppered salt on the sides.

I was drawn here today because they had duck on the menu for brunch!  I love duck and since it’s not usually on mexican food menus, I couldn’t resist coming in to eat.  I got their duck tacos!


image  The duck was braised in this sweet sauce that was perfectly balanced with the pickled veggies on top.  The amount of filling as just enough for the corn tortillas and made for some delicious bites of food!

The other place duck was features was in chilaquiles:

image  I was dissappointed by this.  The duck was the same as was in the tacos but this dish was really overpowered by the peppers and onions.  And there were peas in this too!  There were only a few tortilla chips and were completely sogged by the time it got to my bowl.

I was most dissappointed that as a single diner, I was not offered any chips to start.  I was pretty much ignored and served by the runners.  What was more offensive was the waitress obviously taking better care of every other table around me.

Usually, when in Hayes Valley, I grab a cup of coffee at Blue Bottle.  But today, I got a cup of cold brew from the newly minted Ritual Coffee stand:

image  Yummy and refereshing with some almond milk!

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