Program 7


Today was my final show for the season at the San Francisco Ballet.  It was program 7 – the last mixed bill of the year.

The first part was “Theme and Variations”, a gorgeous Balanchine piece set to Tchaikovsky.  The choreography was beautiful, as with all of Balanchine’s work, and the costumes were lovely.  Frances Chung and Vitor Luiz were the stars and their dance was effortless and delicate.  Loved this!

Next was a Christopher Wheeldon piece, “Continuum”.  This was an amazing choreographed piece where continuous movement transcended between dancers and throughout their bodies.  The timing was perfect and it was like watching in one singular movement.  The stars again were the pianists – Mungunchimeg Buriad and Natal’ya Feygina are fantastic!

Last was the World Premiere of “In the Countenance of Kings” with music of Sufjan Stevens arranged into an orchestrated piece for dance.  This was fun and fresh.  It was modern but had classical dance elements throughout.  The dancers looked like they were having fun too!

Brava, everyone!  Thanks for another great season!

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