a stop in caye caulker

Caye Caulker is a popular destination for many travelers Belize.  It’s a lazy island, less commercialized or traveled as the neighboring island of San Pedro, but full of life and and colors:

img_9867img_8708  Coming in, you dock at the Caye Caulker village, where there are hostels to find a place to stay and storefronts selling activities to do:


You’ll find locals selling fresh coconut juice and lunch plates of grilled fish all around:


We stopped at a local restaurant for some lunch during our stop:


And got some grilled lobster:


Grilled fish


And a lobster BLT

img_8733  This was not that great.  Note to self – stick with plain grilled seafood and don’t go too fancy on the island.

It was a gloomy day out and we didn’t see any manatees as we snorkeled the north channel (https://justcallmequeen.wordpress.com/2016/03/20/north-channel-an…he-coral-gardens/).  So, we made one last effort to see one before we headed out.   We sailed our boat around the low shrubs, hoping to spot one of these “sea cows” feeding in the shady shallow waters.  But we found a bunch of pelicans instead:


As they sailed right on top of these guys:

img_9868  YIKES

A friend of mine had stayed at Caye Caulker for a few days on her trip and loved it.  Definitely a different feel than San Pedro (see related posts) but I would love to spend a longer time here.  But for now, it’s time to sail away!


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