Afternoon in Cologne

Walking through Cologne in Germany, I followed the recommended walking tour in Rick Steve’s Germany 2015.  This starts out at Cathedral Plaza, which is directly in front of you as you exit out from the Bahnhofsvorplatz, or train station:

belgiumgermany2015-2 751  belgiumgermany2015-2 718

The Cathedral is an icon for the city:

belgiumgermany2015-2 715  going up over 500 feet.  Inside is spectacular:

belgiumgermany2015-2 739belgiumgermany2015-2 744belgiumgermany2015-2 746

You can explore the crypts below and even climb to the top of the spire:

belgiumgermany2015-2 764belgiumgermany2015-2 766  But these come with a fee.

On the plaza is an old Roman Arch, which has survived through many years of change and modernization:

belgiumgermany2015-2 757

Turning around the corner, you’ll find the Roncalliplatz and the Roman Germanic Museum:

belgiumgermany2015-2 770belgiumgermany2015-2 773

And the Museum Ludwig behind:

belgiumgermany2015-2 776

Across the way, you get to the waterfront, where a statue of Kaiser Wilhelm the II marks the way:

belgiumgermany2015-2 813belgiumgermany2015-2 816

In front of you is the Hohenzollern Bridge:

belgiumgermany2015-2 819belgiumgermany2015-2 821  Full of love locks!

Along the waterfront is a beautiful park area:

belgiumgermany2015-2 875

in front of the park is the Rhine River:

belgiumgermany2015-2 873  where you can also find this chocolate museum:belgiumgermany2015-2 863

At the center of this river front and at the end of the park, you will find a square where the old fish market used to be:

belgiumgermany2015-2 879

Behind the square is Great St. Martin’s Church

belgiumgermany2015-2 881

Heading around through some local streets lined with cobblestone,

belgiumgermany2015-2 792

You get to the old historic city hall

belgiumgermany2015-2 779belgiumgermany2015-2 780belgiumgermany2015-2 782

And a busy alter market

belgiumgermany2015-2 785

Coming back through the center of town, you can shop along Hohe Strasse.  Here you will find lots of tores on both sides of the street with pedestrian only marked areas as well:

belgiumgermany2015-2 907belgiumgermany2015-2 908

Along the way, I ran into this cool fountain that seemed to be referencing the story of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves”:

belgiumgermany2015-2 894

And found plenty of these shops:

belgiumgermany2015-2 898  Yeah, pretzels!  They had sweet and savory with pumpkin seeds on both!  I got one of each!

belgiumgermany2015-2 835belgiumgermany2015-2 834

And ate them as I enjoyed some local artists performing on the street.

belgiumgermany2015-2 831

What a nice walk!

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