fish market in busan

One of my favorite stops during my travels through South Korea was the city of Busan:

koreataiwan2012-1 1430

In particular, the FISH MARKET!  It’s a mile long stretch of vendors selling produce from the sea.  Look at all that fish!

koreataiwan2012-1 1353koreataiwan2012-1 1343koreataiwan2012-1 1360

There are tanks of swimming fish:

koreataiwan2012-1 1323

And rows of dried produce too:

koreataiwan2012-1 1326koreataiwan2012-1 1327koreataiwan2012-1 1356

There is more than just fish:

koreataiwan2012-1 1354koreataiwan2012-1 1359  I have never seen anything like it before!

And that’s just the outside!  Go inside the market, vendors line the walls selling their catch of the day:

koreataiwan2012-1 1388

There is SOOOO much to choose from:

koreataiwan2012-1 1373koreataiwan2012-1 1385koreataiwan2012-1 1384

The best part of the market, is choosing some fresh seafood right out of the tank:

koreataiwan2012-1 1394

And have it cooked for you in the upstairs section of the market:

koreataiwan2012-1 1396

And what a meal!!  A perfect mix of raw and cooked with delicious Korean flavors:

koreataiwan2012-1 1408

From octopus to clams to fish:

koreataiwan2012-1 1402koreataiwan2012-1 1405koreataiwan2012-1 1406koreataiwan2012-1 1407koreataiwan2012-1 1409koreataiwan2012-1 1410koreataiwan2012-1 1412

Heading out, don’t forget to grab some dried foods to go:

koreataiwan2012-1 1417koreataiwan2012-1 1418

before taking a walk along the pier:

koreataiwan2012-1 1435koreataiwan2012-1 1427

And watch the fisher boats coming in for the day:

koreataiwan2012-1 1431koreataiwan2012-1 1434

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