half moon caye

Snorkeling the Blue Hole in Belize was an awesome experience (https://justcallmequeen.wordpress.com/2016/04/14/snorkeling-the-blue-hole-in-belize/).

When we finished, we headed off to Half Moon Caye for some more snorkel and a lunch break:


It was a blustery day when we arrived.  Check out how these trees blow:


It can get so windy here that it toppled an old brick lighthouse way back when:


Locals live here but they have campgrounds for you to stay over too:


I love how the palm trees have rocks and old conch shells to anchor them in place:


A path leads off the end of the island to an area of beach:


where you can jump in for a snorkel:


On the opposite end of the island, a path leads you to other sorts of wildlife:


Like a bird refuge where the RED footed boobies rest:


I waited a while for one of them to stand up to show off their red feet and finally got it as i was walking away:

image  This was so cool because I had just seen the BLUE footed boobies on the Galapagos Islands (https://justcallmequeen.wordpress.com/2016/04/20/wildlife-of-the-galapagos/).

Along the way to see the boobies, we saw iguanas:


And hermit crabs too:


Too bad it was too windy and too short of a trip to do anything else.  Can’t wait to come back!

img_9052iphoneupdatemarch2016 2624

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