lunch at alamar

I have been wanting to check out alaMar in Oakland, California for a while now.  So, when the opportunity for an extended lunch came up today, my friend and I headed straight there.

The menu had so many interesting flavors to choose from, that it took us a while to decide.  And what we chose was fantastic!

We started off with chicken empanadas with avocado mousse:

image  The flavor inside this was great – the meat was tender and flavorful and not too soggy at all.  I was surprised that the empañada casing were like fried wonton wrappers but it totally worked.  The avocado mousse was so light and delicious – I **almost** picked up the plate to lick the rest of it.

Next were the spiced tostones (double smashed plantains) with ketchup:

image  This was a like a big fancy french fry and it was delicious!

We shared a bowl of the seafood stew:

image  It was so hot when it came out, you could still see the steam coming off it!  There were generous helpings of fish, shrimp, mussels, and scallops mixed in the most intense and flavorful seafood broth I have ever had.  You could taste the hours of care that went into making this broth and the bread was a PERFECT vehicle to soak it all up.

There were several “Dominican Rice bowls” with rice, slaw, and beans.  We chose their braised ox tail bowl, as this was supposedly the chef’s family recipe:

image  The oxtail was melt off the bone delicious.  We added the fried egg on top just because (you could choose from several sides).  This was absolutely hearty and decadent at the same time.

What a great meal!  Can’t wait to go back!

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