too cool for school

I remember shopping here in Busan, South Korea:

koreataiwan2012-1 1287koreataiwan2012-1 1288  It’s a cosmetic company called “Too cool for school”, which caught my eye because it reminded me of that saying used often back in middle school.  I was also drawn to this shop because I am a sucker for packaging and they had some cute things going on.  I decided not to buy anything in Busan because my suitcase was already filled with products from Skin Food (another Korean company I like – see previous blogs) and had no more room.

Last winter, however, Sephora® started to carry “too cool for school” via their K beauty line!  As a Sephora VIB (very important beauty), I used every opportunity with discount coupons and free gifts to check out products from Too Cool for School!

First up, their egg mouse foaming cleanser and their egg cream mask.  While pearls and snail shells had been all the rage for skin care for years in Asia, eggs have been the next big thing.

img_8140  The egg cleanser is nice – the foaming is much like egg whites being beat with cream of tartar.  It also does a great job to get rid of oils and make your skin feel soft and fresh.  The Egg Cream mask was a little sticky.  It was a sheet mask and even though I only had it on for 1/2 the allotted time, the moisture did not subside and I ended up washing my face again afterwards.

Their cosmetics are called “Dinoplatz” and they have so many cute drawings on the packaging.  I really like their eyeliner and creamy eye shadow.  They do not smudge and both have good amounts of glitter.  🙂  The lip balm is moisturizing with just a hint of color.  Their oil blotting sheets,  however, are not that great – either that or my face just has too much oil to control. 😛  My favorite is their CC cream with solid blush.  The CC cream really makes my skin look even in color and contour.  The blush also is the perfect amount of color for my skin.  As I have mentioned before in my blog, I am prone to breakouts but this CC cream was fine for my skin.  This CC cream with blush combination has been one of my favorite go to products these days!


Recently, there was a 15% discount for VIBs and so I got this compact of BB cream, concealer, highlighter and cream blush/lip color.

image  I think I loved it at first because it comes with a picture of Santorini, Greece.  But the BB cream is nice as are the rest of the products.  It’s also super light weight and perfect for travel.

So glad I don’t have to go back to South Korea to get these anymore.  Thanks, Sephora!

Just some of my thoughts, guys.  Remember, I have oily and nonsensitive skin.  Sample with caution.

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