Wildlife of the Galapagos

One of my favorite days during my trip to the Galapagos was a day spent on Seymour island.  We rode a boat out from Santa Cruz island, where we stayed at the Finch Bay hotel (https://justcallmequeen.wordpress.com/2016/04/04/finch-bay-hotel/), and headed north:


We were met by the Galapagos Sea Gulls:

IMG_4868IMG_4870  Prettier than the gulls from back home!

Volcanic black rocks line the beach front:


As Sea Lions come up to rest and eat:


Hidden in the shrubs and crossing the way were the iguanas:


They are ugly and they know it!


And the most talked about bird around – the BLUE footed boobie:

IMG_4931IMG_4935IMG_4932  He’s posing for the pictures!

Since they live all around the island, you can find the boobies in all stages of life.  As an egg being warmed by his mother:


To a chick as it hatches:


Fledglings not old enough to have colors and too small to fly.  These babes wait for their parents to come home after a day of fishing to be fed:


Here is a young bird with colors but not strong enough to fly:

IMG_4886  It was truly amazing to see this circle of life.

There is a well demarcated path for visitors to walk through and see all the other birds on the island:


Like the red chested frigate bird, puffing out his chest trying to impress a lady:


Before heading out, we headed out for a short snorkel (https://justcallmequeen.wordpress.com/2016/02/23/9855/), and these were the highlights:

ecuador2015-2 686ecuador2015-2 651

Heading back to the Island of Santa Cruz,


We made a stop at the north of the island, where we saw flamingoes!


Along the beach was clear water and black volcanic rocks:


Where crabs and iguanas rested together:


Can you see him?


It was a stormy day but the pelicans were still out diving for fish:


I guess they’ve gotta eat too!

IMG_5169  What a day!

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