Yi Yuan

It was my cousin’s birthday last weekend and so dinner with the family was at Yi Yuan in Millbrae, California.  http://yiyuanszechuan.com/

image  It’s Michelin Guide Recommended!

We started off with with some sauteed rice cakes with pork:

image  So tender and flavorful!

Curry rice noodles with shrimp:

image  I appreciated how tender the seafood stayed in this dish – sometimes that can get lost in the noodles.

Fried calamari that was so tender and crispy came next:

image  Yum.

Sauteed pea sprouts!

image  So fresh!

My cousin’s favorite – mayonnaise shrimp and walnuts:

image  I didn’t like this so much – the sauce was a little too much.

Pork belly over broccoli:

image  This was a little too intense in flavor for me – the sauce was pungent and very salty.

Sauteed tripe for my parents, aunt, and uncle:

image  Great balance of spice and was very tender.

Soup dumplings were yummy:

image  The dough stretched out from the soup as you picked it up!  When I was Taiwan, I learned that this is a sign of a successful soup dumpling!

Fried pot stickers were fantastic with homemade dough and a delicious dipping sauce:

image  This is my cousin’s favorite and so we got two orders!

Yi Yuan also make their own noodles on site!  This is their seafood noodle soup:

image  Generous helpings of fish, shrimp, and calamari inside.  The broth was very flavorful and not fishy at all

Beef noodle soup here with their handmade noodles brought me back to my travels to Taiwain!

image  This was fantastic!

The noodles were wonderful – not gummy at all.  Perfectly cut too!

For dessert at the restaurant, we got sesame balls with lotus paste inside:

image  These were piping hot when they got to our table!

Dessert at home was a red velvet cake from Paris Baguette:

image  It’s got layers of strawberries and cream between the softest red velvet sponge cake I have ever had!  The chocolate shavings were a nice touch and really brought the cake together.

image  This was DELICIOUS!!  http://www.parisbaguetteusa.com/

Happy Birthday!

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