feel good on a thursday

Today, I stopped in for some goodies at my favorite bakery – Feel Good in Alameda!

Each day, they use a different cheese for their cheese sticks (see previous post on feel good – there are many!) and today’s was smoked gouda!

image  This was so delicious.  Most of the time, especially with their swiss cheese ones, the cheese is baked dry into the bread.  But this one, the cheese is still soft and chewy inside.  The smokiness of the gouda went really well with the pumpkin seeds around it.  I loved it!

I also noticed their Zoe bun today.

image  Looks like monkey bread to me but the sales lady described it as their “morning bun”.  It actually tasted like a curler doughnut to me!  YUM.

And I cannot resist their tarts.  Today in the case were slices of lime and almond pear tarts:

image  The lime tart is more tart than their lemon ones and the topping is the same torched meringue.  The meringue is perfectly sweet and sticky – love it.  Their almond pear tart is amazing – the filling is rich in almond paste but not too heavy at all.  I ate this for breakfast. 😛  Not a bad way to start off the day!!


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