Kodbyens Fiskebar

For lunch today, I headed out to KØdbyens Fiskebar in the fish market area of Copenhagen, Denmark.  I walked here from Copenhagen City Center but got totally lost in the process.  It looked easy enough on the map – a few blocks down a major street behind the train station and it should have been right there.  NOPE – it was more cryptic than that.  The fish district is an enclosed space that spans several blocks, lined with white painted buildings with blue trim.  There are many warehouses here as well but they are not blue.  The street the restaurant is on is actually what the perimeter of the fish market is called, and Fiskebar is in the very back.  Needless to say, I ended up 30 minutes late to my destination:

image  But it was slow at 11:45 am, so I got seated anyways.  🙂

After catching my breath, I started off with some sparkling water and sourdough bread:

image  The butter was too pretty to eat.

A snack of cod croquette with cried cod skin and carrot puree came out first:

image  The croquette was very dry and not good to eat.  Interesting with the carrot pureee, which I thought went great with the crispy fish skin.

For my meal, I ordered two of their raw plates:

The trout tartar with rye emulsion, capers, dill, burnt onion, and rye toast:

image  This was so good.  The burnt onion went really well with the fish and the rye tied everything together with a punch.  Normally, I like to eat my tartar with crackers to balance the acidity or strong flavors used to mask the raw fish.  But this dish had a great balance of flavors and textures without overpowering the trout – I ate the whole dish on it’s own!

Then the sander crudo with flavors of fennel, oyster, and lemon with tapioca:

image  This was so light and fresh.  The fish is very mild in flavor, so I was really able to appreciate this flavor combination.  The texture from the crisps and herbs brought a great crunch to each bite.  Loved this.

What a great meal!  Thankful that they were so understanding about my being late for my reservation.  But someone needs to post some better directions on how to get here!   http://fiskebaren.dk/en/fiskebaren/

In retrospect, I think I was most thrown off by their weekend food truck fair in the middle of the would be parking lot for the fish market:

image  All these trucks and people had blocked my view of Fiskebar the first 2 (!!) times I had come into this area!  Some interesting international flavors going on here, but my choices were these sparkling lemonades in passionfruit and blood apple flavors!

image  Yum Yum.

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