I had tried for months to get a reservation at Relae for my trip to Copenhagen this month:


But after being on a waiting list for so long with no response, I went ahead and made reservations at their more affordable sister restaurant, Manfreds, instead.  Located right across the street, they offer a more casual menu, highlighting locally grown and sourced vegetables.


image  While they do not have a Michelin star like Relae, they are Michelin recommended with many accolade stickers on their door.

The menu at Manfreds changes regularly and you have a choice between a prefix, a la carte, or to go.  I decided to go with their seven course prefix menu and started things off with this beautiful white wine from France:

image  Light and crisp!

First course:

image  Trout with cress, walnut, lemon oil, and sheep yogurt.  The trout here was so fresh and the cress added nice texture to the creamy mixture below.

Second course:

image  Potato with shaved mushroom and mushroom cream.  This was very rustic.  The mushrooms were raw but the potatoes were cooked.  The potatoes had good flavor, while the mushrooms had none.  Everything tasted better when it was all mixed together.

Third course:

image  Radishes with horseradish and pumpkin seed puree.  It is indeed radish season here and this was so fresh and flavorful!  I loved the pumpkin seed puree against the crunch of the radish.  I only wished that I was given more!

Fourth course:

image  Poached egg yolk with caramelized onions, bread shavings, and pickled seaweed.  I really liked this too – the flavors were all really interesting and went really well together.  I loved how each component added a different texture and the pickled seaweed cut into the egg yolk beautifully.

Fifth course, however, was terrible and I had forgotten to take a photograph.  It was red beets cooked in olive oil, walnuts, and dried black olives.  This was slimy and bland.  The walnuts were cooked through and did not offer any crunch or texture to the dish.  There were way too many beets on the plate and only a sprinkle of the olives on top.  I only ate about a quarter of the dish and had to stop.  😦

Sixth course:

image  Sauteéd greens with elderflower cream and caper like seeds.  Separately, the sauce was weird the the greens were bitter.  But together, this was quite nice.

And the last dish, lucky number seven:

image  Grilled leaks with roasted pork in fennel.  This was very good.  The pork was perfectly tender and not gamey at all.  The flavor of the leeks and fennel were just enough without overpowering the dish.  Very yummy.

Overall, this was a great meal.  I do not regret coming here instead of Relae and am glad for the experience!



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