Open faced sandwiches in Denmark

The open faced sandwich in Denmark is called a Smørrebrød.  During my visit to Copenhagen last week, I had a chance to try a few of them and LOVED it.

My first experience was at Aamann’s –  With four establishments around Copenhagen, you can dine in or take away.  I opted to take away and got both of their fish options:

image  On the left is their marinated herring with lemon, fennel, sour cream, chives and buckwheat (those are the little seeds).  On the right is their smoked salmon with cress-emulsion, eggs, pumpkin and crispy rye bread.  Both were so good.  The fish themselves were so fresh and had great flavor on their own.  For the Herring, I didn’t care for the sour cream but it was necessary as a binding element.  For the salmon, that cress-emulsion was amazing.  The pumpkin and egg added great texture and I had never thought to combine them with smoked salmon before but it works!  The rye bread was just dense enough to be the perfect vehicle for each bite without being too much.  My only regret was not having enough time to go back!

Rick Steves and other food blogs I had read in preparation for my trip had mentioned the Royal Smushi Cafe.  “Smushi” are bite sized smørrebrød and served on royal porcelain (with the shop next door):

image  Unfortunately, by the time I got to the shop, I had only 30 minutes before I had to meet my tour bus.  So, I ordered smushi to go rather than to enjoy them on royal porcelain.  From left to right, their egg and shrimp mixture with boiled egg, mayonnaise, and watercress; herring with cress and boiled egg; and roast beef rolled with crispy onions, horseradish, and hives.  Each “smushi” was finished in 2 bites and each bite was so full of flavor.  The rye bread is similar but thinner to Aamann’s but the combinations were so creative and delicious.  Uncertain why two of these bites needed a full half of an egg, as I thought a slice of boiled egg would have sufficed.  But all in all, a great lunch!

The Royal Smushi Cafe is located in the Strøget off the Højbro Plads.  It’s entrance is through an iron gate and easy to miss – so best is to look for the Royal Porcelain Shop first.

Can’t wait to go home and try making these myself!

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