Fog runs through Kuopio

Traveling through Finland this past week, we had chance to stop in the quiet lakeside town of Kuopio.  Driving in, we passed all of these beautiful forests and lakes with a dreary sky above:


But when we got to town, we were met with a thick fog.  Unfortunately, our first stop was just up the hill to the Kuopio tower, known as the Puijon Torni:

image  From the top, we should have been able to see the vasts forests and lakes that surround the area.  But unfortunately, all we saw was this:


Thankfully, there were photographs along the windows meant to help visitors navigate the landmarks below:

image  Or, in our case, these photographs helped us to see what we should have on a clear day. 🙂

Next to the tower was a ski lift and a place to practice skin jumping:

image  Given that spring has come, it was closed for the season.

Heading into town, we stayed near the main market square.


With its market hall:


And trendy eateries:


Nearby, there were museums of art and of the city:


The architecture around town was very interesting:


And the churches were beautiful:


The main attraction, for me, was Lake Kallevasi.  We were here in late April and the lake was still frozen over.  While there are dozens of boat trips on the lake each summer, the boats were still docked for the season:


As were the canoes:


Not only could you see the ice on the lake, but you could hear it crack as the temperature warmed:


In the middle of the lake, there was an island refuge for birds:

image  You could hear and smell them from shore.  Yuck.  I could only imagine what they would be like in the summer!

It was so beautiful here – almost mystic.  I could not stop from taking hundreds of photographs – this was my favorite:

image  What a lovely stop!

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