Kiin Kiin in Copenhagen

There is only one Thai restaurant in the world with a Michelin Star and it is Kiin Kiin in Copenhagen, Denmark.  Intrigued, I made sure the check it out on my visit last week!

The inside decor was beautiful.  I was seated in the lounge first, as my meal was started off with a beverage and some snacks.


I asked for a glass of white wine but was told that I could only get a rosé because that is what went best with the menu  So, I toasted the start of a great meal with a glass of delicious French Rose:


And the snacks came out fast and furious!  Starting with a roasted lotus loot crisp that was salty and sweet:


A light and airy cashew nut cookie with a wasabi yogurt to dip it in:

image  I loved this.  The wasabi yogurt was more pasty than I expected but it made for a fantastic dip.

A papaya salad inside a fried wonton wrapper cone:

image  The flavors were so bold and amazing.  Great crunch from the cone and peanuts with a whole lot of spice!

Sauteéd chicken with herbs in an egg shaped cup:

image  Loved the presentation.  The chicken was so tender and flavorful.

A mushroom “shot” (it was actually an intense broth) with a pickled mushroom:


Egg yolk in miso broth with bonito flakes and a fried garlic chip:

image  Not very thai but done really well.

This was fish cake, or man pla, cooked with bone arrow and some beef:

image  This was my favorite – so rich and decadent.  A bite was more than enough!

Spicy cracker with peanut butter ice cream and peanut butter powder:

image  I loved this.  Peanuts are such a prominent part of Thai cuisine and this was such an interesting way to highlight it.

Sauteéd squid with coriander and herbs and a sausage with a spicy pickle ginger on skewers:


These were simple Thai street food done really well.  I really enjoyed these bites!

I was slightly full when I was taken upstairs for the actual tasting menu, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me!  If the snacks were any indication of what was to come, I knew that I was in for a real treat!

The meal started off with a cracker topped with a prawn and scallion mixture:

imageimage  This was packed full of flavor – so delicious!

A rice cracker with fresh and flavorful scallops:


And Tom Yum soup with a syringe full of tofu that becomes “noodles” as you squirt it into the soup:


Grilled asparagus with sweet miso on a skewer over a soup of poached egg, crisp prawns, and herbed creme fraiche in a mild broth:

image  The grilled miso was brilliant – how have I never had it this before!?!?!  The soup created by everything being mixed together was amazing and the egg yolk added just the right amount of decadent fat.

This next dish was interesting –


Raw salmon, aioli, avocado below an ice of lime and fish sauce on top.  The ice melted with each bite and atop were matza flakes and herbs for some crunch.  The flavors were so beautiful and I loved the presentation!

The next dish was my favorite – a cotton candy salad made with cucumber and halibut:


A mixture was made table side with herbs, spice, and fish sauce:


That is then poured over the cotton candy:


The cotton candy melted into this beautiful sweet mixture that balanced well against the spicy sauce.

image  So YUMMY.

Next, a red curry with lychee and lobster.  There was white and green asparagus with coconut milk and lychee foam on top:

image  This was one of those OMG moments for me.  The lychee was so sweet and delicate against the spice of the red curry and the crunch of the asparagus gave a perfect amount of texture.  I am going to add lychee to all my curries from now on!

Sweet bread with a ginger ice cream, pineapple, peanuts, and crispy wonton came next:

image  The ginger ice cream was beautiful against the intense flavors of these components.  I was skeptical that the cream would be too much against the fat of the sweetbread, but it did not.  In fact, like the dishes before, the chef had just the right amount of restraint in pushing these flavor combinations.

Short rib with oyster sauce, kale puree, and crispy kale was the final main course of the night:

image  The meat was so tender and flavorful.  The bitter kale stood up well against the spices of the dish.  What a great note to end the savory part of the meal!

There were two desserts included in the tasting menu.  First, pop rocks over a coconut globe with passionfruit ice cream, rhubarb cake, and white chocolate:

image  This was fun to eat – it was like opening a sweet present with pop rocks to give it a fizzy finish!

With this, came a “beach drink”:

image  All off this sand and shells sit atop an enclosed capsule of passionfruit juice and rum.  Yummy.

And then a banana cake with salted caramel ice cream, dried banana flakes, and condense milk (frozen as pellets):

image  This was wonderful.  If it weren’t such a nice restaurant, I would have licked the bowl. 🙂

After the last dish was cleared, my waiter asked me if I was ready for petit fours.  The only downside of this restaurant was the english speaking competency of the staff.  Most were of Asian descent and my main waiter was of Korean descent (who clearly had a chip on his shoulder for serving a foreign asian female having dinner alone in a nice restaurant).  In restaurants like these, petit fours are usually included but these came with an extra cost.  It’s cost and descriptions were not mentioned anywhere on the menu or on the website, AND not explained at all by the waiter.  So, just FYI if you decide to go.

For these petit fours, I was taken back down the lounge and they came out fast and furious like their snacks:


Several of these dishes were like treasure hunts.  There was a a licorice macaroon served in a bowl of black rocks:


A curl of chocolate in a bowl of cinnamon sticks:


Spicy white chocolate in a bowl of jalapenos:


Coconut marshmallow:

image  Homemade and delicious!

A wafer of white chocolate in a bowl of spice:


A peanut truffle with salted caramel in the center:

image  How do you not love this combination?

A passionfruit jelly

And finally, a marzipan cookie with white chocolate and lime:


I love Thai food and what impressed me the most about this meal was how true it stayed to classic Thai and Asian flavors.  Rather than shying away from spice, fish sauce, and flavors of a world thousands of miles away, the chef completely embraced it with a beautiful amount of restraint.  It was just enough to stand firm as Thai cuisine but delicate enough to be fine dining.  I was incredibly impressed with this meal and it is truly worthy of its Michelin star!

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