Heading into Norway from Finland, the first fjord we saw was the Ponsagerfjorden:

image  Having never seen a fjord in real life, it took my breath away.  I loved the snow capped mountains against the hills and the reflections in the clear water below.  This picture doesn’t do it justice.

Along the way, there were many cairns (man made stacks of rocks):

image  Evidence that many have traveled these parts to see the beauty of the Finnmark region.

We passed areas along the fjord where people came to camp:

image  With these areas came pit stops to find food and souvenirs. 🙂

By the water, there were areas that you could jump in for a swim:

image  We stuck our feet in here and it was quit chilly!

Reindeer pranced freely around these parts:


It was so natural for them!

The fishing towns along the coast were so picturesque.  My favorite was Repvag, with a population of 13:


There were also many barns around the area as we drove along:

image  No people though – it was so cold that I think they were all hibernating.

What a great introduction to the fjords!

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