Restaurant Frantzen

Last week, I had one night during my travels through Scandinavia in Stockholm, Sweden.   And I spent it at Restaurant Franzen!  Ranked number 31 out of the top 50 restaurants in the world, it also holds 2 Michelin stars, and I had made reservations there 2 months ahead of time.  Needless to say, I was so excited when this night came!

I got my 9 meal course started with a glass of riesling:


To go with my amuse bouche of macaron, dried carrot, and foie gras:

image  The most amazing bite ever!!

First course, an arctic char with oscietra caviar gold, olive oil, and smoked fishbone vinaigrette.

image  This was so fresh and well balanced.

Next, a chawamushi (egg custard) with cauliflower, ponzu pickled mushrooms, and truffle:

image  This was wonderful.  Each flavor enhanced the next and worked so well together.

A fresh scallop was shucked right in front of me,


and then taken to the grill to be caramelized on one side:


Sitting at the chef’s counter, I watched as Head Chef Marcus Jernmark himself prepare my dish:


of a beautiful seared scallop with lime and spruce, finished with a pure dashi broth:


A beautiful and fresh crayfish was fried on one side with rice puffs, still raw on the inside, and dipped in a seaweed infused mayonnaise:

image  I loved this.  I would have never thought to flavor the mayo with seaweed but it was great.

A beef carpaccio with unagi below a beautifully thin slice of cured beef, topped with roe, green onion, fried quail egg, and green onions:

image  There were many components on this dish and I loved watching the chefs put it all together as much as I loved eating it!  The carpaccio had such great flavor and the additions on top gave it great texture!

The meal took a pause here as I was given an envelope to open.  Inside was a list of all the ingredients supplied by their local farmers and purveyors that morning:


And from that list, came their signature dish:  the satio tempestas.  Here, every single one of the ingredients on that list was used to create this bowl full of freshness and flavor. 

image  Can you believe it!?!?!  And everything just “sang” together on each bite.  So impressive.

In front of me, some dough was proofing throughout the meal:

image  It has a 40 year old sourdough starter in it!

The dough was then grilled and served with the most delicious brown butter


Then, the main courses began.  First up, their monkfish with fermented yellow split peas, aged pork fat, and roasted hazelnuts.


This was so good – that fermented yellow split pea was amazing with the tough fish and fatty pork slice.  I would have never thought to put this combination of flavors together and I was so impressed.  I loved every bite of this.

As I was eating the monkfish, some butter was churned and buttermilk released:


And then melted in a small pot:


After some time, a wine jus was added to the butter:


And poured into the next dish with shaved walnuts over mushrooms, served alongside seared Guinea fowl:

imageimage  This was amazing.  The sauce was like none other I have had before, the skin of the guinea was so crisp, and the skin of walnuts over mushrooms was such an interesting alternative to your mashed potatoes.

Next, Chef Marcus prepared my last dish of  lamb with glazed asparagus, ramson, algae, and aged cheese


I, as a rule, don’t like lamb – I don’t like the flavor and it is too gamey for me.  I was on the fence if I should have let the restaurant know about this aversion ahead of time, but since I was traveling all day without any reliable internet access, I ended up just letting the menu come as it was intended.

image  And I am glad I did!  If lamb tasted like this all the time, I would not have this aversion!  The lamb was not gamey – it was perfectly tender and flavorful.  The jus with the asparagus and aged cheese was fantastic.  I told the Chef about my aversion and applauded him for delivering the first piece of lamb I not only ate but wanted more of!

Dessert was a multi-course event as well!  Starting with their rum raisin ice cream with wine jus and shaved frozen foie gras:

image  There ratio of foie gras to ice cream was too much in this dessert.  The fattiness of the foie was very overpowering.

Next, a meringue that broke open to allow access to a sour rhubarb sorbet and topped with dried strawberries and pink peppercorn.  There was a lot going on here but the textures and flavors worked so well together:


Then, the traditional Swedish “fika” with cinnamon cake straight out of the oven with coffee:


And your choice of what you want from a bento box full of sweets:


I’ll take one of each, please:

image  Clockwise from 9 o’clock on the plate, we have a dried baba rum, fudge from brown cheese, salted caramel center in chocolate, raspberry white chocolate, lemon jelly, licorice and chocolate tart with a violet candy, and hazelnut truffle in the middle.

When I was finished with all this, I thought it was time for the check.  But instead, the chef offered me a little more of everything:


Located in the heart of the old town in Stockholm, this was an amazing meal and beautiful night!  So thankful for this experience!


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