Light in the Piazza


Last weekend, I caught a production of “The Light in the Piazza” at the Altarena theatre in Alameda.  If you have been following this part of my blog, I have not been impressed with performances here in the past couple of years.  But I had high hopes coming in, as I have seen a touring production of this in San Francisco years back after the musical won several Tony awards in 2005.

And this was an enjoyable performance.  There were points in the score when the actors were a bit pitchy but overall, for a small theatre, they did a good job.  Longtime Altarena actor, Donna Turner, shined in her role as Clara’s mother, Margaret Johnson.  The younger actors, Madison Genovese (Clara) and Kyle Stoner (Fabrizio) were great and created an endearing love story to watch.

I think the Altarena should take note of the success of this production and try to stick to plays/musicals that have been shone to be winners.  Good job for now.

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