Much Ado About Nothing

Last weekend, my 2016 season at the California Shakespeare (or “Calshakes”) Theatre in Lafayette, California started off with a rendition of William Shakespeare’s “Much Ado about Nothing.”

It was a gorgeous Saturday evening in the California sun and we picnicked with this pizza from Ragazza in San Francisco (

image  Love the chewy crust of this Amatriciana pizza w/ tomato, pancetta, chilies, pecorino, and an egg on top.  YUM.

This production was updated by playwright, Kenneth Lin (“House of Cards”), with director Jackson Gay.  True to all of the CalShakes productions, the sets and costumes are all modern.  The language started out in modern language as well, like “how’s it going”, but went back to Shakespearean prose by the middle to the end.  That was confusing to me – I would have preferred for them to stay in either one prose or the other.

image  That being said, I got lost a few times in the production.  Actors were playing dual roles and mixing up genders, which they often do at Calshakes, but it was a little too much that day.  All in all, not a bad production or a way to start the season.

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