the Mariinsky Ballet in St. Petersburg

While traveling through the Russian Federation last month, I had a chance to catch a production by the world renown Mariinsky ballet company in St. Petersburg.

The Mariinsky theatre in St. Petersburg has been around since the 1800s and was expanded into a second stage a few years back.  It was all lit up as we headed in for a once in a lifetime production:


The interior was all glam and glitz:

image  But the way the seats were arranged was horrible.  They were not staggered and heads blocked your view any way you looked.  The audience also had no manners or respect for the theatre – they were drinking soda, eating stacks, taking photographs (despite many announcements that recordings of any kind were not allowed), using flash with photographs, and talking throughout the production.  I was appalled.

But, the Mariinsky is the most celebrated ballet company in the world.  And having a chance to see Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake” performed by them was an amazing treat:


The dancers were flawless.  The corps were perfectly coordinated and did not waver for a second.  The principal dancers were so strong and graceful.  The lead ballerina, Anastasia Matvienkov, was amazing.  They allowed photographs at the end of each act, so I took advantage of the opportunity to capture the moment:

imageimage  Bravo!

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