crispian bakery

Following this blog, you know that I love the Feel Good Bakery in Alameda, California (  Last weekend, I went the opposite direction from Feel Good Bakery on Park Street and headed into Crispian Bakery (

image  A cute space with an interesting pastry selection, I grabbed a bunch to check them out.

First up, the croissants!

image  From left to right, their ham and cheese croissant, their specialty croissant of the day (filled with custard here) and an almond croissant.  Not bad at all.  The puff pastry was crisp and fresh.  The fillings were all flavorful and solid.  I particularly liked the savory ham and cheese – yummy.

They had a selection of interesting bite sized sweets, of which I got these three:

image  A passionfruit macaron, a raspberry macaron, and a lemon chocolate tart.  The tart was weird – literally 1 inch in diameter, it was a nice bite but who would just buy that???  The macarons each had a dollop of a jelly inside the cream, which was nicely unexpected.  Typically, french macarons only have cream but the jelly offered a nice enhancement of the name flavor.

Their cream puff was made with a firmer pastry dough than I am used to but I loved how that really held against the generous portion of custard and whipped cream inside:

image  The peach slices (though canned and no fresh) were a nice touch.

Today, I found out that Crispian Bakery is now the main supplier of baked goods for the refreshment counter at the Altarena Playhouse, where I have season tickets to.  Looking forward to more sweet tasting from them. 🙂

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