summer coconuts

Recently, I have been obsessed with the new coconut flavored drinks at Peet’s Coffee and Tea® (  They’ve got this Coconut Black Tie drink made of iced coffee, condensed milk, coconut syrup, and cream:

image  that is so yummy!  It’s a stark contrast from their regular Black Tie drink, which is basically a diluted vietnamese coffee and, frankly, not very good.  Instead of the Black Tie, get the cold brew with vanilla sweet cream at Starbucks® instead – that is good.

Peet’s® also has a coconut latte, which I’m not a huge fan of.  The coconut syrup is not sweetened, making this latte more on the bitter side.  I tried it with soy milk and that made it a bit better; I tried it with almond milk and that made it way worse.  My favorite is their coconut javiva with coconut cream.  A “Javiva” is a blended ice drink, much like a frappucino® from Starbucks®.  Peet’s® coconut javiva is just the right amount of sweet and coconut blended together.  And the nondairy coconut cream is my favorite part!

All these coconut drinks were my inspiration for trying the coconut recipes found in the month of June for Williams-Sonoma®’s Dessert of the Day.  They’ve got a recipe for coconut cupcakes that uses coconut milk in the batter.  My favorite recipe for coconut cupcakes is by Ina Garten, or the Barefoot Contessa® – (  It is similar to one by Martha Stewart (, both of which uses buttermilk in the batter for a moister cake.  I did appreciate the depth of coconut flavor in the Williams-Sonoma® cupcake provided by the coconut milk but the cake more dry.

The other coconut recipe for July was their Coconut, Almond, and Chocolate bars:

image  A shortbread type crust with chopped almonds at the base, the filling is a decadent mix of coconut cream, chocolate, sour cream, butter, and flaked coconut that is set up overnight.  The recipe called for a chocolate glaze on top, which I opted out of – this was decadent enough!  Loved the coconut cream mixed with chocolate and the sour cream really adds a nice kick to the filling.  Everyone loved them too!

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