crisps as pies

Most of what I bake each week is shared with my office mates.  Last week, I was drawn to the two crisp recipes for the month of June in Dessert for the Day by Williams-Sonoma.  It’s hard to share crisps with big groups of people and so I decided to serve them as pies.

First, a pie made from the strawberry rhubarb crisp for June 5:

image  The strawberry and rhubarb could have used a bit more sugar and the oatmeal brown sugar topping could have used some cinnamon.  This was not that well received. 😦

Then, a pie from the apricot almond crisp for june 25:

image  This was pretty good.  The topping is more what I prefer for crisps;  it’s got oatmeal, brown sugar, cinnamon and ginger mixed in.  Very yummy and even more so with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

Cleaner than serving a crisp out of a bowl and a great way to make a crisp more portable!

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