One of my favorite food adventures was a trip to Northern Spain, where all I did was go from bar to bar to eat pintxos (bites on tapas served in small dishes or toasts).  A couple of weeks ago, my good friend treated me to a birthday celebration at Teleferic Barcelona in Walnut Creek, California, where their menu is full of tapas and pintxos!

We got things started with a red (sangria teleferic) and white (sangria barceloneta) sangrias:

image  So fresh and delicious!  The Sangria Barceloneta was mine and I loved the combination of cava, citrus vodka, rosemary lemonade, honey, blood orange, and fresh berries.

The Iberian Ham and Bechamel Croquetas were hot and crisp on the outside:

image and rich and creamy on the inside.  They come in a paper cone, indicating that you are suppose to pick them up with your fingers and pop them in our mouth.  YUM.

Grilled octopus, one of my favorite proteins in the mediterranean, is served on truffled potatoes:

image  The octopus was seasoned just right and I loved the char of the grill.

There was a “new” notation next to a dish called Iberian Asparagus Tempura, which I could not resist:

image  A tempura made from asparagus and serrano ham, it is served over a combination of mascarpone cream, honey and lime vinaigrette with pumpkin seeds.  I have never had anything like this – and definitely not in Spain – but this was quite yummy.

And who doesn’t order Gambas when out for tapas!


image  Sauteed in garlic and olive oil with garlic flakes on top, these were fresh and wonderful.

A dish called the “5th Champions” caught our eye – made of sauteed mushrooms, asparagus, iberian ham, and truffled egg yolk:

image  We ended up having to send this dish back once because they forgot the ham, but as I look back on this picture, I realized they forgot the egg yolk too!!  Either way, this was bleh.  Not cohesive or palatable.

Their brussel sprouts are grilled with a honey and cherry vinaigrette, topped with manchego cheese

image  This was interesting – a sweet and sour twist to your basic grilled brussel sprouts in balsamic vinegrette.  It actually tasted better as leftovers the next day. 🙂

Wait staff pushed around carts of pintxos for us to choose from:

image  It was like dim sum!

The pintxos served were various combinations of ham, truffled potatoes, fried sweet potatoes, grilled brie, and spanish omelets:


Loved the variety of pintxos to choose from and each bite brought back to sweet memories of my time in Spain.  I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of food here, especially being out in the suburbs.  But glad to know that they are there and will definitely be back for more!

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