One of my most favorite stops on Jeju Island in South Korea was to see the Cheonjeyeon waterfalls.  It is a series of waterfalls along a volcanic crater and a really beautiful spot to visit.

At the entrance, there are clear signage as to how to get from fall to fall.

koreataiwan2012-2 609  Heading to the right, you get to the main Cheonjeyeon Falls:

koreataiwan2012-2 587

It is so beautiful here.

koreataiwan2012-2 594koreataiwan2012-2 593

The reflection was clear and blue.  During the rainy season, water falls from the top.  But the day we were there, the waters were still and the markings of falling water are etched into the mountainside.

Heading down the path to follow the water,

koreataiwan2012-2 601

it was tempting to want to take a dip.  But that was not allowed:

koreataiwan2012-2 622  So, be mindful of the signage.

The second major part of these falls were right around the bend:

koreataiwan2012-2 625

To another beautiful spot of serenity further down the hill.

koreataiwan2012-2 641koreataiwan2012-2 639

At the base, there is a bridge you can walk over for a view of the falls from a different angle:

koreataiwan2012-2 661koreataiwan2012-2 670

It’s a long way down!

koreataiwan2012-2 679koreataiwan2012-2 689

Around the area, there are fountains and paths the enjoy the surroundings:

koreataiwan2012-2 696  Too bad, we didn’t have enough time to really explore the surrounding areas. We were too focused on heading back into town to grab some Innis Free® products, made from the waters of the island!

koreataiwan2012-2 706

For more adventures on jeju island, check out:

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