Playing My Hand


Last night, I caught the one woman play “Playing My Hand” at the Altarena Playhouse in Alameda.  It was a story of a middle aged woman struggling with a gambling addiction and all the emotions that go with it.

I hated this.  The actress was also the writer and she was way too dramatic for my taste.  The story told over 1.5 hours centered around the angst of a middle age woman as she juggled her duties as a mom, a wife, and an elementary school teacher.  Her only excitement had been the occasional gamble during family vacations to Lake Tahoe.  But when a local indian gaming casino opened up closer to home, her occasional pension for gambling became a full blown addiction.  I didn’t find her to be endearing at any point of the story.  Instead of sympathy, I felt pity for her.  Many people in the audience were laughing but I couldn’t stop checking my watch.    I was so glad when it finally ended.

While I applaud Altarena’s effort to support local artists, this was terrible and glad that it wont’ be coming back.

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