The plums were ripe and beautiful at the market last week:

image  So I bought a bunch!

With half of them, I made the deep dish plum pie meant for June 7 from Williams-Sonoma® Dessert of the Day:

image  Unfortunately, the plums were more tart than sweet but the crust from the book was fantastic and easy to make.

With the other half, I made the plum buckle meant for July 4 from Williams-Sonoma® Dessert of the Day:

image  The recipe suggested a 9 inch round pan or an 8 inch square pan.  I wanted to use a springform so that I could more easily serve it out of the dish and all I had was an 8 and 10 inch.  I opted to  use the 8 inch pan when I mixed up the cake batter and saw how little it was.

image  Unfortunately, that made the cake too dense and the topping did not bake all the way through.  Can you see the raw dough in the center?  Not so yummy.  The plums were also too sour for the buckle but the cake was quite yummy.  🙂

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