sheet masks

When life is busy, it’s hard to remember to take the time to put a face mask on my skin.  Last year, I posted these thoughts on face masks:

In that post, I had talked about my dislike of sheet masks at the time.  Since then, I have spent a lot of time experimenting with different masks and am now singing a different tune.  A few months ago, I wrote about the sheet masks from Tony Moly®  ( and how I have enjoyed them.  They are also a great deal from Sephora®, sold at $7.50 for 2!

Here are some thoughts of some of the more notable masks I have used this year:

The “Tiger” Animal Mask by Royal Skin®:  this was brought back to me by a friend from South Korea.  The sheet mask had graphics drawn on be a tiger face!  The mask sucked out all the dirt and oil from my face but left me with a tight and dry feeling after I took it off.  Nothing that some serum or moisturizer couldn’t fix but that clean was better than any exfoliator I have used!

It’s Skin® Snail Moisture Mask Sheet:  the mask was infused with a thick liquid that was absorbed well into my skin.  Snail shell is very popular in Asia, as an ingredient to promote skin health.  My only complaint was it left a sticky texture when I took off the mask.

Karuna® Clarifying face mask:  the mask was serum infused and the mask was not as heavy or drenched coming out of the pouch.  I LOVED this – it totally sucked out all of the dirt from my face but the serum helped to keep my face feeling soft as I took it off.

Yew Tree® Stem Cell Perfect Calming Soothing Mask:  this was goodie from my friend who works at Sephora®.  This totally sucked all the dirt and oil from my skin.  When I initially took off the mask, my skin felt dry but then a surge a moisture came over my skin after a few minutes as the liquid from the mask absorbed into my skin.

Dr. Jart+® Clearing Solution Ultra-Fine Microfiber sheet mask:  meant for blemish prone skin with glutathione, salicylic acid, and tea tree oil in the moisture.  The mask sucked out all the oil from my skin and left me feeling dry afterwards.  But nothing some serum or moisturizer afterwards couldn’t fix.

Dr. Jart+® Water Replenishment Cotton sheet mask:  meant for dry skin.  This mask was ok – with the water base, it offered just the right amount of moisture to my skin.  Didn’t feel that clean or rejuvenated afterwards, which is mostly likely due to my skin being more oily to begin with.

Boscia® green tea mattifying hydrogel mask:  this was a 2 part mask – one for the nose up and one for the nose down.  In addition to be awkward to have two parts of a sheet mask to keep on my face, it was also way too messy.  It also made my skin super oily and over-moisturized at the end.

Sephora® honey mask:  I have used this a few times – I love how it is nourishing without being too messy or sliippery.  I also liked how my skin felt plumped and fresh afterwards.

SKII® facial treatment mask:  no surprise, at $17 per mask, this is fantastic.  Not only did it clear out all the dirt from my skin, I felt really clean afterwards.  It really is like getting a facial treatment!

Innes Free® “It’s Real” green tea mask: from one of my favorite facial brands from South Korea, this was a very moisture filled mask and my face felt really sticky afterwards.  I ended up gently washing my face afterwards.

As someone who wears glasses more than contacts, I appreciate how sheet masks stay on my face with my glasses on top so that I continue on with life as I care for my face.

So, call me converted!  Sheet masks are not half bad!

Just some of my thoughts, guys.  Remember, I have oily and nonsensitive skin.  Sample with caution.


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