Cooking Instyle – July!

In the “Life and Home” section of the July 2016 issue of Instyle® Magazine, there were two recipes that drew my attention.

First, their recipe for “Supercharged Spinach Soup”:

image  This is not only super healthy but delicious.  It uses coconut milk and cannellini beans as thickener with asian inspired spices mixed in.  It’s got scallions instead of onion with ginger, tumeric, and tamari (which you can find at your local asian grocery market).  This soup is super easy to make and the recipe indeed serves 4 as advertised.

In the same issue, there was a recipe for spicy miso salmon with cauliflower rice.  To make this, I picked up a beautiful piece of salmon from my local grocery store.  It was so beautiful that I didn’t want to cover it with a sauce but rather have it stand on it’s own freshness.  Instead, I took the flavors the miso sauce (miso, lemon, tamari, and brown sugar instead of maple syrup) and added it to the cauliflower as it cooked.

image  To finish things off, I sprinkled some nori seasoning on top!  Bon Appetit!  So yummy, you won’t miss that there is no real rice!

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