all you can eat korean BBQ around the bay

I love Korean BBQ and here are two of my favorites around the San Francisco Bay Area.

First up, Gen BBQ ( in San Jose:

image  It’s a chain but the quality is top notch.  My favorite meats to grill here are their different types of pork belly.  They’ve got pork belly marinated in red wine, miso, garlic, or plane.  So yummy.  And I love how their calimari comes as a steak and not in circles or strips – makes the quality of the portion so much better.  Lunch here is $15.99 per person and dinner is $20.99 per person – not bad, especially for the carnivore!

Across the bridge in Oakland is Gogi Time (, where soju comes in carafes:

image  The meal is one price all day on the weekends ($24.95) and $26.95 on the weekends.

Their selection of meats to grill is not as extensive as Gen BBQ, but they have a wide variety of veggies and seafood to grill as well:

image  Which is what my Oakland friend appreciates because she’s a pescetarian!

In addition to produce to grill, both restaurants have a whole menu of cooked foods to order – like pajun (korean pancakes)


soondubu (tofu soups)


and jap chae (stir fried noodles).  Their banchans are unlimited too!


Gogi time has this weird cheese corn on their menu, which my friend couldn’t resist from ordering:

image Yup, it’s weird.

For all you can eat type restaurants, the quality of pajuns and soon dubus are not bad and the portions pretty generous.  They’ve also got food for the nonadventurous eaters, like potstickers, kimchee fried rice, and bimbimbap.

But all in all, both are great places to get some BBQ but go hungry!

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