Vasa Museum

The Vasa ship sunk in 1628 on it’s maiden voyage out of the harbor in Stockholm, Sweden.  300 years later, the ship was found pretty much intact and it has become an amazing archaeological feat in restoration.

The remains of the ship are now in the Vasa Museum in Stockholm and I had a chance to visit it a couple of months ago.


I started my visit off with an informational video about the Vasa – the reason it was built, the day of the voyage and sinking, how it was discovered, and the efforts to restore it.  It explained a lot and really helped to make the rest of my visit more enjoyable and understandable.  The video runs at regular intervals and so you don’t have to worry if you missed it!

Once in the museum, I was amazed at not only the size of the Vasa ship but also the detail of the woodwork:




Artifacts from the ship are on display on different floors of the museum.  They were able to recover eating utensils, bottles of medicine, games for the crew and these cannons:

image  What was helpful in the preservation was the temperature of the cold waters in the harbor. The detail on these cannons was amazing!

Because so much was preserved, there were a couple of dioramas depicting life on the boat:

image  It was amazing!

My favorite was the exhibit on the detail at the back of the boat:


with the coloration of the of the woodwork recreated on digital screens:

image  How beautiful the Vasa must have been, sailing out on that sunny day from Stockholm!

On the lowest floor, there is a tasteful exhibit to honor all those who lost their lives on the ship.  Some were able to get out but most did not.  In any case, I so admire the efforts of all the archaeologists, scientists, and artists who brought this boat back to life.

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