B dama on a weeknight

B Dama in Uptown Oakland is one of my favorite restaurants.  I have written about my experiences here before (search “bdama” on homepage) and am never tired of coming back.

Last night, I had planned to hang out with a couple of my good friends.  One was on cleanse and could only eat vegetables, fruit, and meat; the other was fasting as part of his Buddhist practice.  I, however, was starving after a long day at work.  So, we decided to head over to Swan Market for the most selection and so each of us could do our own thing.  Mine being to head over to my favorite place to eat.

I started my meal off with a selection of halibut sashimi:

image  Look how fresh and translucent this fish is!  And it was so flavorful!  The scallions and pickled roe on top were a perfect contrast to the sweet fish!

Next, I got their beer battered chicken with pickled veggies:

image  This was so tender and juicy.  Closing my eyes, I could have sworn the chicken was fish!  One of the dipping sauces was a delicious aioli and one was closer to to a tomato sauce.  Both were wonderful but not together.

And finally, a bowl of vegetable udon:

image  Udon was cooked perfectly with great contrast of seaweed, veggies, and panko crumbs.  There was MSG in this because I was pretty thirsty afterwards, but such a great and satisfying meal for any day of the week!

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