norkapp – top of the europe!

Heading to the top of Europe, we stopped over at Honningsvag, the northernest town of Norway.  It is a beautiful fishing town with colorful homes and boats next to the fjords:


The water is so clear and blue:

image  and I loved the juxtaposition of the fog in the distance with the colorful boats reflected in the water.

Big ships and little ships come out of here:


With large racks set up along the water to dry the fish:

image  And it doesn’t smell!

From here, we went up to North Cape, or Norkapp, the highest point you drive a car up to in Europe.  The night we went up to Norkapp, it was 3 degrees Celsius and the sun was barely peaking through the clouds:


Norkapp is at 71 latitude and it’s about a 45 minutes drive from Honningsvag.  When we got to Norkapp though, we were so blessed to have the sun peak through just enough to see the cliffs and waters around:


At the top there is this world marker, where many people climb on sunny days for photos and a glimpse of the north pole:

image   But it was so cold that day, this was my best shot. 🙂

The most amazing experience for me that night, other than being at the North Cape, was watching the fog roll in over the cliffs like a waterfall:


My pictures don’t really do it justice but I get chills thinking back to this moment each time – it was magical.

At the main building in Norkapp, there is an enormous gift shop with postal service to send a letter with a “North Cape” postmark.  There is also a small museum depicting it’s history starting off with a short informational video:


Along the walk way, there is a timeline with various dioramas depicting the discovery and development of the area:


And a chapel if you would like to say a prayer:


At the end is an auditorium for events and conferences to be held.


With all that, we worked up an appetite!  So, we celebrated our destination with their champagne and caviar plate:

image  where my flute got it’s own spot on my plate, alongside some caviar, salami, and lox.  It was a special treat arranged by my tour director from Insight Vacations® and a great way to commemorate the experience!

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