Baking with Raspberry Preserves

This week, I made two bars from the month of July section in Williams-Sonoma’s® Dessert of the Day.  From July 2, we have their chocolate-raspberry brownies:

image  I loved this – the sweet and tart of the raspberry preserves mixed into the chocolate brownie was really yummy.  The only problem was that the preserves sunk to the bottom of the pan as the brownie baked, burning the bottom because of its high sugar content.  Other than that, the brownie itself stayed moist and soft!  One recipe is for a 9 inch square tray but tripling the recipe is enough for one 12 x 17 inch pan.

For July 22, we have their raspberry-hazelnut linzer bars:

image  If you remember my post,, I have tried my share of linzer recipes.  But this one was awesome.  In previous recipes, cookie cutters were necessary to keep the top layer clean and neat.  In this recipe, you just place “globs” of dough over the top before you put the tray in the oven.  As the bars bake, the globs on top will meld together into a unique design with windows of raspberry preserves poking through.  The hazelnut cookie part is airier than ones I’ve made before and together made a nice bar to eat.  One recipe is for a 9×13 pan but doubling the recipe was enough for a 12×17 pan.  Nice one to add to my repetoire!

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