philosphy for eyes

This past year, I got three pretty good sized samples of eye care products from Philosophy® as a Sephora® VIB rouge member.  As I have finished them, here are some of my thoughts:

Take a Deep Breath Oxygenating Eye Gel Cream – this is very light and had an energizing feel upon application.  I am normally a fan of gel moisturizers because they are light and airy, less likely to clog my pores or make my face feel heavy.  But for an eye cream, I would have preferred that the cream be a little heavier and make me feel like it was adding support overnight.  The product description on the Sephora® website advertises that it should make you feel “more refreshed” and “look more well rested” in the morning.  Unfortunately, I did not find this to be true.

Time in a Bottle for Eye – this is described to be an “age defying eye serum cream”.  Because it is a serum, it is thin and easily absorbed into the skin without much of a residue.  I did feel some tightening of the skin around this area but didn’t really do much for puffiness in the morning.

Renewed Hope in a Jar eye – this is thicker and more firming than the other two.  I felt my skin firming with this and it also helped with morning puffiness.  Because it is thicker, there is a some oiliness in the morning.  But with that oiliness, my eyes never felt irritated.

Compared to other eye creams that I have written about in the past (such as Origin’s GinZing or Innes Free’s seaweed based eye cream), these are not my favorites but not bad either.  Still have no lines around my eyes!

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