My favorite summertime dessert is the Strawberry Shortcake.  When I get the chance, I stand in line for this yummy treat at Bakesale Betty in Oakland:

IMG_5469  But time is short around here and it is a rare treat to be able to do this.  (for more, check out  So, I was so excited to try these recipes from Williams Sonoma®’s Dessert of the Day!

From June 8, their strawberry shortcake!

image  This was delicious.  I loved how the slightly salty taste of the cake balanced well against the sweet cream and fruit.  I opted to keep the fruit fresh and not cook it in sugar first, to keep things lighter on a hot day.

From July 7, their cornmeal shortcakes with blueberries and cream:

image  These shortcakes have double the amount of butter than the ones above.  Because of that, it’s much yummier.  The cornmeal offered a sweeter note to the cake and really balanced well with the berries and cream.  I also opted to keep the fruit fresh so that the dish is lighter and better on a hot day.

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