the galapagos tortoises

My favorite animal on the Galapagos Islands is the tortoise!  There are two types – those with dome shaped shells and those with saddleback shaped shells.

To see the dome shaped guys, we went to a farm:

iphonenovember2015 3404

This is where they roamed, slept, ate, and mated (yeah, we saw that too!).

iphonenovember2015 3442iphonenovember2015 3448

We got special rain boots to protect us from the mud and turtle poop as we got up close and personal.  They are as big as me crouched down next to them!
iphonenovember2015 3408
  I was awe to see them roaming around freely, down the road as we drove in, and right up to us as we ate lunch at the restaurant on site.  What a special experience.

For the saddleback tortoises, we saw them at the Charles Darwin Research Station on Santa Cruz island in the Galapagos.  It’s like he knew we were there as he extended his neck to show off!

iphonenovember2015 4006iphonenovember2015 4017iphonenovember2015 4018iphonenovember2015 4021

These creatures are magnificent.  It makes me sad to know that they are endangered and so grateful for organizations like the Charles Darwin Foundation, who are committed to preserving those left and to educate the public on these species.

For more on wildlife seen in the galapagos, check out this post:

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