Mia’s Kitchen in my kitchen

What I like most about shopping at Safeway® supermarkets is their sourcing of local goods.  Their display of Mia’s Kitchen pasta sauce caught my eye last week and so I grabbed a couple of bottles for my dinner this week.  They boast that they are chunkier and all natural.  I chose to try out their tomato basil and portobello flavors to compare to other brands that usually grace the shelves:


I used the tomato basil sauce with ready made raviolis:

image  And this was SALTY!!  Chunky it was, but not so natural with all the salt and made me really thirsty.

The portobello definitely had chunks of tomatoes throughout:


And I used it to make a sauce with sauteed brussel sprouts, sausage, and baby portobellos.  I put part of it onto a whole wheat crust from Trader Joe’s®:

image  Yummy.

And over some whole wheat pasta.


The portobello was not as salty as the tomato basil but I honestly could not tell the difference between Mia’s and Prego’s® or Classico®.  But Mia’s is from Sonoma County, our neighbor to the north, and it’s always good to shop local!

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