Latin History for Morons

Last weekend, I checked out John Leguizamo’s “Latin History for Morons” at the Berkeley Rep Theatre in Berkeley, California:

image  It’s a one man play with the premise of a Latin American man trying to understand Latin history so that he can teach his son about his roots.

The two lines that stuck out the most to me from the play were 1) “Why is Latin art called ‘folk art’ while European art is called ‘fine art’?” and 2) “Why is ok to melt the gold in Mayan art for coins” and not ok to turn “Michelangelo’s statue of David into marble counter tops?”

It is a dark humored portrayal of the obliteration of natives people during the colonization by Europeans of South America.  It jabbed at “the man” as the protagonist tried to fine a Latin hero for his son to be proud of.  I laughed a lot but I was also quite moved with some of the hard questions of racism and discrimination laced throughout the play.

The reviews were not great but I enjoyed it a lot…and so did my audience, as we gave John a standing ovation!

With my ticket, I got a free drink.  Berkeley Rep’s main theatre is “Peet’s® theatre”, named after Peet’s® coffee, their main sponsor.  So, I couldn’t resist getting one of their Peet’s® cocktails!  In particular, Peet’s® with Bailey’s®!

image  This was weird at first, but after giving it 30 minutes to meld together, this was a delicious drink!

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