Brother Frogs from another Mother

My little friend Liam is coming to town and he loves frogs!  So, as a special surprise, I made these brothers from another mother:

image  Hanging out in my craft room. 🙂

First up, “Frog” from Crocheted Wild Animals by Vanessa Mooncie:


I decided to deviate from the pattern by mixing two different shades of green yarn.  And instead of making each toe and finger separately, I crocheted them continuously onto the foot itself (less sewing that way!).  I also used a safety eye instead of crocheting an eye from yarn, as well as making an eyeball instead of half an eye and attaching it to the lid:

imageimage  I like my alterations, especially the eyes – he is cute!

Second, “Kirk the Frog” by Lisa Jestes Designs in Zoomigurumi 4:

imageimage with his long legs and arms!


Cute – he kinda looks like Kermit but he’s called “Kirk”!

Can’t wait to see Liam’s face when I give them to him!

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