Torpedo Sushi

Last weekend, I grabbed a late lunch at Torpedo Sushi.  ( in Oakland.  They are known for their “sushi rolls” in bowl or burrito style with a lot of creative flavor combinations.

I dined on their Bay Rock ‘N Roll rice bowl with a sake sangria:

image  The ceviche of scallops had a beautiful balance of lime and coconut notes.  There was some roe and avocado, red cabbage, tempura crispies, and a garlic white sauce.  Yummy.  And a generaous portion – I was stuffed!  The sake sangria was surprisingly delicious and refreshing – sweet and STRONG!

To go, I grabbed some of their “sushirritos”!  From left to right, their “slam’n salmon” (salmon sashimi, fresh asparagus, cucumber, pickled turnip, avocado, red cabbage), their “hot tail” (tuna sashimi, green cabage, sesame seeds, carrots, and lemon-spicy aioli), and their rainbow roll (tuna and salmon sashimi, sno ccrab, green apple, radish, green cabbage, tempura flakes):


These were so yummy.  I loved all the flavor and texture combinations.  The fish was really fresh (even the next day – you didn’t think I’d eat it all at the same time!?!?).  The aiolis and sauces really help to tie everything together in each bite.  The portions were big, much like my rice bowl.  One “burrito” is definitely more filling than a single roll you would order from any sushi restaurant.

What a great place to grab something creative and fresh for lunch!  Can’t wait to go back!

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