Jack’s in San Bruno

Close to San Francisco International Airport is an establishment called Jack’s Restaurant and Bar.  I have been here a few times and been impressed with their variety and quality of food.  They’ve got a lot to choose from and have very reasonably priced early bird specials.

On my last visit, my cousin got this creamy salmon orzo

image  It’s got grilled salmon with cherry tomatoes, baby spinach, fresh dill, lemon, white wine, mixed with a butter garlic cream sauce.  It was so tender and yummy.

I opted for one of their early bird specials, served from 4:30-6:30 daily for roughly $16/person.  I started with a bowl of soup, for which I chose their special – beef barley:


And my entree was their fried chicken with veggies and mashed potatoes:

image  Look at the portion size!  I had enough for 2 meals with this!

For dessert, my cousin likes to get their bread pudding (which is also very good) but I wanted something different this time…  So, we go their “Galaktoboureko”, which is a traditional greek dessert, with semolina custard rolled in phyllo pastry topped with apricot-orange blossom preserve pistachio ice cream

image  So yummy.  Loved the orange blossom- apricot combination.  And the phyllo was still hot when this dessert came out, melting the ice cream into a really gooey yummy note.

So, like the website says:  http://ilovejacks.com/about.htm   It is hard not to love Jack’s!

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