My favorite bakery in the Los Angeles Area is Portos.  I used to live in the Silverlake area and loved going there for their delicious Cuban treats.

After I moved away, I was super excited when they opened one in Burbank by the Bob Hope Airport.  I love this airport, btw – it is efficient and significantly less crowded than LAX.  Now, when I fly through, I make it a point to stop at Portos before and after my flights.  😉

One of my go to items from here are their Napoleons.  I have had them two ways – with a light shaving of puff pastry on top (this is their classic):


and gooey caramel on top (this is their dulce de leche):

image  Both are delicious, with the latter one more decadent for sure!

Speaking of dulce de leche, that is the filling for these delicious cookies:image  And they are even better warmed up and served with ice cream!

On a savory note, they’ve got empanadas, tamales, croquettes, and a variety of sandwiches.  My favorite are these delicious potato balls filled with meat;

IMG_4597  So good.  Amazing when hot and also delicious cold the next day. 🙂

But what keeps me going back are their guava products!  I love guava, especially in my travels through tropical areas of the world.  Refreshing are their guava smoothies:


And these guava strudels for $0.86 each are the best food deal in the whole world:

IMG_5211-0  A generous amount of a jam-like guava filling in puff pastry hits the spot any time of the day.  You can get it with cheese as well, but I think these plain ones are fabulous on their own.

So, if you are in the LA area, check out Portos.  They’ve got a large variety of cakes and pastries, as well as savories, to choose from and you will not be disappointed.


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